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Checkup Checklist: First Birthday

​​​​​​Happy first birthday to your baby! That little bundle you first held is now a budding toddler, soon to take their first steps (if they haven’t already). Be sure to share all your proud-parent moments with your pediatrician. Here’s what you can expect at the 12-month checkup:

✅ Immunizations

At the 12-month visit, your baby may receive vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Hepatitis A, and Varicella (chickenpox). They may also be due for a booster shot for earlier vaccines. If it’s flu season, your Kids First provider will also recommend an influenza (flu) vaccine.

✅ Screenings

The provider will check your child for anemia at this visit. Based on your child’s risk, they may also test blood lead level, hearing, vision, and blood pressure. If your child may have been exposed to tuberculosis, they can do a skin test.

✅Feeding & development

Your pediatrician will measure and weigh your baby to make sure their growth is on track. They will also observe your baby’sdevelopment and behavior, and perform a physical exam.

Questions your Kids First provider may ask

  1. Has your baby tried to stand or take their first steps without support?

  2. How is your baby doing with feeding themselves during meals and snacks?

  3. If your baby is formula-fed, have you started to switch to whole milk?

Questions you may have

  1. Why is the best way to react to a tantrum? Are time-outs OK when my child isn’t following directions?

  2. How can I help my child fall asleep at bedtime?

  3. How can I encourage my child to try new foods?

  4. Is it normal for my baby’s appetite​ to change a lot from meal to meal?

❓ Did you know

By 12 months, your baby’s appetite may level off some. This is because they are not growing as quickly as they were during their first year. They may eat a lot at one meal and very little at the next. However, hunger guides them to eat enough over time.


Questions your Kids First provider may ask

  1. Do you have stair guards and window guards​? Where is the mattress positioned in the crib?

  2. Do you apply sunscreen and put a hat on your child when they play outside?

  3. Are there swimming pools or other potential water dangers near or in your home? Are you thinking about starting your child in a swimming program?

Questions you may have

  1. How long do I need to keep pillows and other soft objects out of the crib?

  2. Should I use a baby walker?

  3. Can I put the car safety seat in the front seat of my car?

✅ Communication tips

Never hesitate to call Kids First Pediatrics with any questions or concerns—even if you know the office is closed. If your provider is unable to see you but believes your baby should be examined, they will advise you on the most appropriate place for your baby to receive care and how quickly your baby should be seen.

Kids First Pediatrics of Raleigh: 919-250-3478

Kids First Pediatrics of Clayton: 919-267-1499

More information

*This article is informational but is not a substitute for medical attention or information from your provider.


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