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Physicals for kindergarten & Middle School Students

Is Your Child Ready to Enter Kindergarten or Middle School In The Fall?

Congratulations, you and your kids made it through a tough school year. While it is time to relax with your kids and enjoy the summer, for some parents it is important to think about steps for enrolling kids into the next chapter of their academic career.

For many parents in North Carolina, their preschoolers will be entering Kindergarten for the 21-22 school year, and many elementary schoolers will be entering middle school for 7th grade. For both transitions, schools require proof of a physical for children to ensure that they are healthy and ready to enter a new school.

Physicals are well child appointments that give your provider a chance to gain familiarity with your child’s health and catch any potential developmental or medical problems. These appointments help to track your child’s growth and development and ensure that they are ready for school in the fall.

Kids First Pediatrics of Raleigh and Clayton offer Physicals for kids of all ages. But we especially encourage parents of Kindergarteners and 7th graders to book their Physical for this summer ASAP. Have questions or need to make an appointment? Give us a call: Raleigh, 919-250-3478 or Clayton, 919-267-1499.

*This article is informational but is not a substitute for medical attention or information from your provider.


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