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New Born Visits

Celebrating the miracle of birth is very exciting. Whether you are a parent for the first time, or well seasoned when it comes to caring for newborns, the providers and staff at Kids First Pediatrics are here to help. We will help you protect the health of your newborn by doing everything that we can to ensure that your baby is growing and developing properly, has the vaccines he/she needs, and that you have the necessary tools you need to care for your child.

At your newborn visit, you can expect for us to also cover general care questions and concerns regarding:

  1. Bath Time

  2. Crying and Colic

  3. Diapers and Clothing

  4. Caring for a Preemie

  5. Sleep

  6. Birthmarks & Rashes

  7. Breastfeeding

  8. Bottle Feeding

We are excited to have new patients joining our family. As a practice we strive to provide your child with the best healthcare by not just treating your child when he or she is sick, but taking the time to help you and your family prevent sickness as well. We look forward to meeting you and your little bundle!

Book today! Kids First Pediatrics of Raleigh: 919-250-3478. Clayton: 919-267-1499

*This article is informational but is not a substitute for medical attention or information from your provider.


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