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Ways to Show Your Child Love

Valentine’s may be behind us but there is never a bad time to show your child love. Feeling loved is key to a child's healthy development. There are many ways to show you care that go beyond purchasing them gifts. Check out these ideas from  

  1. Cue the cuddles

​​​​From the moment they're born​​, little ones love being held, cuddled and caressed. Along with the gentle touches your child gets when you feed, diaper and rock them, consider adding add baby massage to your care routine. It's a simple way to make your infant feel safe, secure, and cared for.

In fact, research shows that physical touch​ is also essential to a child's health and emotional development. From gentle hugs and cuddles to holding your child's hand or patting their back, touch sends a wordless message of warmth and reassurance. It can let your child know they are loved and cherished, no matter how old they are.

  1. Share the love of reading 

Start reading to your child beginning in infancy. Many studies show that reading together strengthens parent-child bonds and promotes positive parenting. Plus, when you read to or with your child, you help them build a foundation for success in school, which is linked to long-term wellness.

  1. Think hugs first

When your child is angry, acting out​, or in a bad mood, try not to take it personally. Calm your own emotions first, perhaps by taking a deep breath, and then give a quick hug, cuddle, pat, secret nod, or other sign of affection. Once they are also calm and feeling better, consider talking with them about the event and how they might better manage those strong emotions next time.

  1. Discipline with love

​​​​​​Use positive, non-violent discipline. Harsh physical and verbal punishments don't work and can damage long-term physical and mental health. From an early age, provide clear and consistent rules that your children can understand. Give praise when they follow them—not just punishment when they don't. Calmly explain consequences and follow through right away when rules are broken.

  1. Hold time together dear 

Mark game nights or other family activities on your calendar so that everyone can look forward to enjoying time together. Plan some outdoor fun together or time at home playing and connecting as a family. Also be sure to carve out one-on-one time with each of your kids regularly to do something they enjoy. Try to put away cell phones, tablets, and other media devices during these special times and really focus on each other. When media is part of the plan, like a family movie night, co-viewing can be a great conversation starter.​

  1. Embrace health & safety

Show how much you care by taking your children to the doctor regularly for well-child care visits. Make sure they are up-to-date on​ vaccines to protect them against infectious diseases, including COVID-19​, flu, and other recommended immunizations​. Teach them how to be safe from injuries, provide a healthy and nutritious diet, and encourage good amounts of sleep and exercise to help them grow healthy and strong. Create a safe home environment, and use seat belts or car seats every time you are in a vehicle.​​​

For more ideas on ways to show your children love, find the full article HERE.

To schedule your child’s next well visit at Kids First, give us a call. Raleigh: (919) 250- 3478, Clayton: (919) 267-1499. 

 *This article is informational but is not a substitute for medical attention or information from your provider.


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