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Is your child ready for the 21/22 school year?

While we are enjoying pool parties and vacations now, the 2021/2022 school year is right around the corner. For many families, this year brings opportunities for growth and resilience as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you have a child entering kindergarten, middle school, or their final year of high school, we have tips to help families get the school year off to the best start possible.

  1. All children should be up to date on vaccinations. If you are not sure what vaccines your child needs or if you need to make an appointment call us at Raleigh: 919-250-3478, or Clayton: 919-267-1499

  2. For children entering kindergarten & middle school, physicals are required. Appointments are filling up fast, make sure to make your appointment today! Raleigh: 919-250-3478, or Clayton: 919-267-1499

AAP Offers other tips for a smooth start to the school year:

  1. Establish rules and expectations with a built-in routine for each day. Keep bedtimes the same, and limit the use of digital devices a half hour before bedtime.

  2. If your child is learning in school, provide multiple cloth face coverings for your child and label them so they are not confused with another child’s. Practice putting on and taking off cloth face masks with your child while avoiding touching the cloth portions. Remind your child that they should clean their hands before and after touching their mask.

  3. Help children take responsibility for their learning. Don’t help too much. Becoming independent takes lots of practice and the development of good habits.

  4. Keep your children home from school if they show any sign of illness. Make sure the school has an updated list of emergency contacts. Call Kids First Pediatrics to discuss symptoms and next steps. It’s possible that your providers may offer telehealth visits and can tell you if your child needs to come into the office

  5. Arrange to regularly get some respite from caring for your children. Try to keep yourself safe, healthy and rested so you will have energy for those who depend on you.

Kids First Pediatrics is available to help you as we transition back into the school year. Call us to book an appointment or if you have any questions. Raleigh: 919-250-3478, or Clayton: 919-267-1499


*This article is informational but is not a substitute for medical attention or information from your provider.


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