Your child may be healthy and doing just fine. However, in the early stages of child development it is important to make sure your child is progressing and all body systems are functioning correctly. Some conditions and medical issues may not be visibly apparent, so it is important to make sure that you stay on a well child visit well child visit raleigh ncschedule to assure the complete health of your child.

What is a well child visit?

Your child is quickly developing physically and mentally when he/she is younger. It is important to monitor this development. Well child visits do exactly this. The pediatric well child visits are more frequent within the first year of your child’s life. The well child visit itself includes a physical exam to determine if there are any health problems and to prevent future health conditions. Physicians also may ask about your family medical history, so they can keep an eye out for potential hereditary medical conditions during your child’s development. At Kids First Pediatrics, our physicians will also check and record weight, height and general health information. Hearing, vision and other scheduled tests will occur at different points throughout a well child visit schedule.

Importance of Health Education

Well child visits also serve another very important purpose in pediatric healthcare. They provide a perfect opportunity for communication and professional advice with your child about personal health. Many parents can get caught in the rush of day to day life and forget to emphasize on a regular basis the importance of personal health. Well child visits allow for our physicians to assess the health of your child, and then discuss areas of good personal health and what areas need improvement. Pediatric health education can provide the knowledge your child needs for good preventative healthcare on a daily basis.

Well Child Visit Schedule

It is important to make sure that your child stays on a regular well child visit schedule that will allow for optimal developmental health monitoring. These are the recommended visits corresponding with your child’s age:

At Kids First Raleigh, we provide well child visits for children in the Raleigh, NC area. To learn more about our well child visit schedule and other pediatric services, contact us at our office.

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