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We Are Here For You & Your Children

The Kids First Pediatrics team is here for you. Both of our locations, Clayton & Raleigh, are still open and we are continuing to see patients. Any patient coming in for an appointment will be seen by a provider who is available. As always, we are committed to supporting our community and our patients during the emergence of the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus. The American Academy of Pediatrics has urged us to continue to see well patients, especially those that are in need of vaccinations.

Physicals & Well Child Visits

Kids First continues to see patients for well-child visits and physicals. It is important to make sure that your child stays on a regular well-child visit schedule that will allow for optimal developmental health monitoring.

Kids First Pediatrics, located in Raleigh and Clayton, NC, is a compassionate, family-centered pediatrics practice that strives to provide the very best comprehensive care for our patients. Raleigh Office: (919) 250-3478 Clayton Office: (919) 267-1499 Patient Portal Request an Appointment Online

*This article is informational but is not a substitute for medical attention or information from your provider.


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