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Returning To School During COVID-19

Are you wondering how your students can go back to school safely during COVID-19? You are not alone. provides great advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in a recent article regarding children, school, and COVID-19.

While the AAP claims that children learn best when they are in school, returning to school in person needs careful steps in place to keep students and staff safe.

Why students should go back to school–safely

The AAP guidance is based on what pediatricians and infectious disease specialists know about COVID-19 and kids. Evidence so far suggests that children and adolescents are less likely to have symptoms or severe disease from infection. They also appear less likely to become infected or spread the virus.

Schools provide more than just academics to children and adolescents. In addition to reading, writing, and math, children learn social and emotional skills, get exercise and access to mental health support, and other things that cannot be provided with online learning. For many families, school is where kids get healthy meals, access to the internet, and other vital services.

For more information on how to safely send your children back to school, consult with your Kids First provider, or see the following AAP resources:

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  5. What to Do If Your Child is Falling Behind in School

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