When it comes to your child, you know that nothing happens on a schedule. They can become sick in the middle of the night, or they can get injured after your pediatrician has gone home for the day. As you well know, it is usually the worst possible time when your kid needs medical attention. After hours pediatric care and advice is designed to help your child when they need it most.

Timely Medical Advice

When your child is sick or has been injured after hours, medical advice in a timely manner can make all the difference. As a parent, you probably know how to deal with some common minor injuries or illnesses. However, what happens when your child is experiencing a health problem that you have no experience or knowledge of whatsoever? Time is always of the essence. When it comes to medical conditions, whether injury, illness or allergic reaction, the sooner you react appropriately, the better. Appropriate action taken in a timely manner can greatly reduce the risk of the medical problem worsening. But how do you know what action to take?

On Call Pediatrician

Our pediatricians at Kids First Pediatrics are qualified to provide time-sensitive medical advice. The vast knowledge our pediatricians have can help you take the necessary and correct steps to prevent or minimize further risk. Many times they can help you resolve minor medical issues yourself.

Kids First Pediatrics- After Hours

Kids First Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC realizes that you may need medical advice when a physician isn’t available. We have normal pediatric clinic hours Monday to Friday 8am-5pm. We also have after hours pediatric advice available through our on call pediatrician. To reach our on call pediatrician, call our After Hours Phone Number. Give your information to the answering service and the message will be sent directly to the on call pediatrician. Your call will then be returned as soon as possible. For more contact information, visit our clinic hours page.

After Hours Phone Number: (919) 250-3478

*REMINDER- If your child has a medical emergency or life-threatening medical problem, contact/visit your local Emergency Room immediately!

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