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Patient Centered Medical Home


Providing quality pediatric services requires good communication skills between pediatrician, patient and the patient’s parents. At Kids First Pediatrics, we work on getting to know our patients and their parents. Our mission is to provide the highest quality health care in a fun and comfortable environment. Kids First Pediatrics is your Patient Centered Medical Home. A Medical Home is the one place you take your child for all their health care needs. You child’s Medical Home offers the best care because the staff knows you, your child and your child’s health history.

We believe that every child should have a Patient Centered Medical Home where their care is coordinated across the full healthcare system. This means that we help you access and coordinate care between hospitals, specialists, pharmacies, schools and other community based healthcare professionals.

What is a Medical Home?

Here is a video from the National Center for Medical Home Implementation

To be an effective medical home and to make sure that your child receives the best possible care, we need your help. At every visit please let us know if your child has been to see a specialist since your last visit, if your child has recently been hospitalized or visited the Emergency Room. Keep us updated on any medications your child is taking: including over the counter medicines, vitamins and other supplements.

Pediatric Care Covers…

The goal of pediatric care is to cover a child’s developmental years with health education and to ensure proper development. This period of pediatric care starts at birth and usually ends at 21 years of age. Throughout this period our pediatricians will monitor your child’s health and development with well child visits.

What is a Well Child Visit?

A well child visit is the fundamental level of pediatric services. This service provides diagnosis, monitoring, treatment and prevention of medical conditions and the general health of your child. Well child visits are recommended during certain points of your child’s growth and development. Take a look at our Well Child Visit page to see when your child is due for a visit. These visits allow our pediatricians to gain familiarity with your child’s health and catch any potential developmental or medical problems. The well child visit embodies the importance of preventative medicine.

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